It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see...
— Unknown

Comprehensive exam

Periodic eye examinations are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye health  problems have no obvious signs or symptoms in the early stages, so you might not know a problem exists.

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medical exam

Beyond routine eye care, a comprehensive evaluation of eye and general medical issues is vital. This ocular medical evaluation is standard of care in our practice.

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contact lenses

Dr. Massengale has years of extensive experience in the management of difficult and medically necessary contact lens fits.  Our clinic is able to accommodate your simple nearsighted contact lens correction as well as those in need of complicated or custom made lenses.  For your convenience, replacement lenses can be ordered right from this website.

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Diagnostic tools

Massengale Eye Care continues to update our clinic with the latest technologies and advanced diagnostic equipment, helping us provide the best in eye care.  In office laser systems, Optos, OCT Optoview, LipView and LipiFlow technologies are at your convience.

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cataract post-op

Many factors contribute to a successful cataract surgical outcome.  We provide pre-surgical and post-surgical care with this in mind, determined to provide the best vision after cataract surgery.

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laser correction

Lasers are a wonderful tool in the treatment of many ocular conditions, and they often offer simple solutions to serious problems.  Laser procedures offer several advantages over conventional procedures in that they are painless and incredibly precise.  The common laser procedures we use in routine practice are explained in the following link.  

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Children should have regular tests to ensure the proper development of their vision and prevent any interference with their academic achievements

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Your eyeglass lenses are needed to help improve your vision, but the frames of your eyeglasses can be as unique as you are. With various types of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials available, you may need help choosing the right eyeglass frames.

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