In today’s age of over-saturation of similar & boring options for eye wear; it's always good to have a keen eye for style and elegance.

We at Massengale Eye Care always strive to diversify the brands we offer to our patients so you know, that when it comes to your eye wear you have your own unique look.

We carry many independent, high end brands made with the finest materials and not produced in the same manufacturer facility as some of the other hastily put together lesser quality brands. you won't find our collections in any of the big chain stores,  just some of the designers we carry are:

Gucci & Bottega Veneta, two superior fashion houses that are maintained by Kering and its offices in Milan, Italy and Paris, France. These handmade frames are stylish and boldly colored giving anyone who wears them an air of sophistication and style that is unmatched.

State Optical Co., a luxury American eye wear company that is proudly manufactured in Chicago, Illinois; that has been celebrated for their overall quality, character, and individual style that make up their handcrafted frames like those who wear them, are so genuinely authentic, appealing, inspiring, and original.

Coco Song, based out of Milan Italy by its parent company Poets, the styles created in their labs are meticulously handcrafted works of art. Each frame taking upwards of one hundred fifty hours to complete, with organic stones, feathers, and plant life to bring each style to life.

Massengale Eye Care also makes it an effort to carry brands that celebrate our military and troops such as the American made Gatorz and American Eyewear brands that showcase the true hardworking nature that makes America great.

We are also continuously looking for new and innovative brands that will give our patients their own unique, yet different eye wear style.

browse some our selections:


“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

Aldo Gucci 1938

David Green:

Randolph Eyewear:

Bottega Veneta Eyewear: